Our Sponsors may include

We are happy to offer a sponsor to any product related to bbq, picnic or having a great time with friends.  You have a product you wish placed and used on our next TV Episode, give us a e-mail to arrange. 

  • Weber Kettles & Weber Q Grills,  Go Anywhere Grill in charcoal or gas
  • Weber the very best in bbq grills and made in the USA. 
  • Heinz Ketchup, Heinz Mustard, Heinz Pickles, Heinz Relish, all good for bbq hot dogs and flame grilled hamburgers.  Available in Picnic handy dispensers. 
  • Doritos Chips for any party, bbq parties even better to share with friends 
  • Coca Cola , enjoy a Coke now, look for em in the ice chest, chilled next to bbq grill
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese the only Jalapeño Popper filler to use
  • Tilimook Cheese, nothing like real cheddar cheese on a hamburger 
  • Washington Orchard Apple Wood Smoke 'N Pellets™, real wood smoke for any bbq 
  • Whole Foods Market for letting us film and shop for fresh produce and our grilling meats
  • Natural Hebrew Hot Dogs, all natural is there any other kind? 
  • Nike for letting us wear the "brand" caps and shirts on our show
  • Nescafe coffee for our friends to share a Red Cup before driving home
  • Dudes BBQ Rubs & Seasons
  • Shop Amazon has all our bbq grill accessories used on this show