Nothing says SUMER TIME than Grilled Corn

Nothing says SUMER TIME like Grilled Corn

You have hit a sweet spot in my Summer Time BBQ parties, give me that sweet corn on the cobb, grilled warm a few caramelized burn kernels, fresh butter and a pinch of sea salt.  I can all most taste summer in my mouth as I write this, how about you? 

Why give you other people boring recipes I decided to let you be the guru today, let your imagination go.  Now a quick stop to your super's deli to pick out some exotic toppings your set to let your guest create their own "corn creation delight". 

Here are a few topping suggestions to help get your mind in gear.

Fresh Butter [well dah?] 

Cheddar Wiz dip

Feta Cheese crumbles & Caesar dressing drizzle 

Blu Cheese crumbles

Apple Wood Smoked Bacon to wrap an ear or two

BBQ Rub sprinkle to spice up the bacon before wrap

Pesto & Parm 

BBQ Sauce & Crushed Potato Chips 

Buffalo sauce [hot spice food group]

Old Bay Spice Season & Mayo mix 

My favourite is butter melted then sprinkle Lawyrs Lemon Pepper & Season Salt