Black Angus Porterhouse Steak, the finest meat for any holiday bbq 

Black Angus Porterhouse Steak, the finest meat for any holiday bbq 

Today we are in the 4th of JULY weekend, where Hot Dogs and Hamburgers are going to be the normal backyard grilling item across America. 

I say, great for the "kids" of this world, but us grown-up's need our MEAT. 

Nothing say Steak like the Porterhouse cut of meat.  The finest cut on the steer as i see it.  Comes with two cuts of tender flavour, on every Porterhouse.   The "T" shaped bone in the centre divides this cut of meat into two different steaks.  The smaller side of a Porterhouse Steak is FILIT MIGION a centre cut of the tenderloin is attached to the bone of a PorterHouse, in this image above this is on the left side. 

Now the other favourite steak everyone loves is a NEW YORK cut, which you got it, the other half of a Porterhouse Steak, is a New York cut.  Image above shown on the right side. 

To all us purist, if you were to cut out the Filet Mignon side, leave the bone attached to the New York, this is called a bone in New York, most common name is a "T" Bone steak, meaning the other side of the T, where you may find the Filet Mignon part is a small patch of meat or none at all. 

A true PORTERHOUSE is both worlds of great steaks on one cut of beef, New York and a Filet Mignon, a true steak lovers paradise. 

Grilling instruction: 

Remember to take your steak's temperature is the only way to tell how "done" it really is.  Remove from the grill about 10 degrees less than your target temp, let your steak rest for 5 minutes, it will continue to cook. 


Rare 140 F  

Medium Rare 145 F  

Medium 155 F

Medium Well 160 F

Well Done 165+ 170 F  to me this is way too much cooking !!  


Remove from grill @ 130 F

Remove @ 135 F  

Remove @ 145 F

Remove @ 150 F

Remove @ 155+ 160 F 


Check out this video from the Certified Black Angus Group 

Our thanks to CERTIFIED BLACK ANGUS for use of the photo


Certified Black Angus recipes web site