STAINLESS STEEL = NO RUST<  ??   Why do we get spots on the stainless steel, easy answer is this is STEEL, and  Stainless Steel is easy care if you understand the product and care it will last for years with no  RUST SPOTS. 

Our BBQ Tools are made in China, YES, so are all the other brands, everyone goes to the same manufactures for BBQ Tools in China, many are located in the same providence. 

Our Backyard Dudes ® and BBQ Dudes ® tools are made to a higher standard, we use a better quality of Stainless Steel for our products. A European Class of 430 grade Stainless, cost more of course. We want your BBQ Tool set to last for years, without problems.  Others package in a fancy box, gift wrap, like for retail sale.  This is a E-Commerce product, who cares about the fancy color printed box, you open and toss anyway right?  We spent this money for fancy package on the QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT.  

I am sure you will find similar tool sets, selling for less, but "really" you get what you pay for, a fact of life in our times.  Better quality cost a bit more, we think this fact will overcome the box your not paying for.


Dishwasher safe??  NOT REALLY, as the strong detergents will remove the protective natural top layer on the stainless, this is the cause of the spots.  Hand wash in the sink is way better than strong dishwasher soap. 

Dry them off after use 

Rub a lemon or lime on the surface to protect the stainless for oxidation which creates the rust spots. 

Spots may appear on ANY BRAND, not only ours, we have taken care to make better quality but you still need to clean & take care of any outdoor item, they need love too. 

Scouring pad will remove the spots, easy,, then rub a bit of cut lemon or lime juice on them to protect. 


strong bleaching agents from dishwasher detergent have stripped some of the chrome from your stainless steel top layer,  Exposed the steel, will rust. 

Lemon or Lime will help remove the rust spot and prevent from spreading, making them bright and like new again. 

GOOGLE STAINLESS STEEL RUSTING IN DISHWASHER for more stories on why this happens.

BBQ Grill Wok & Grill Topper Care & Cleaning

bbq grill wok and grill topper

Your have just purchased your new BACKYARD DUDES™ BBQ Grill Vegetable Topper. This Grill Topper is safe for used on any grill,Charcoal BBQ, Gas, or Electric grills.

The BBQ Grill Vegetable Topper,  WOK Grill Basket is hand crafted MADE IN USA by Backyard Dudes™ we are proud to offer this heavy duty grill basket that will last for years. This is not a imported thin metal basket like the big box stores. Made of the finest durable materials for a scratch resistant porcelain enamel coating which is non-stick and your BBQ Grill Vegetable Topper & Wok Basket is 100% dishwasher safe too!

DO: Wash prior to your first use. Warm soapy water, rinse & towel dry.

Spray PAM or other spray oil on Grill Topper prior to each use for easy clean-up

√ Place food First, in your Grill Topper, THEN put it on the BBQ Grill

√ BBQ Gloves when handling a HOT Grill Topper

√ HOT PAD under Topper when placing a HOT Grill Topper on the counter or table

√ Always “cool” down completely before washing.

√ DO use a NON-Abrasive type scrubber, plastic style scrubby is OK.

DON’T’s: Do Not Wash a HOT Grill Topper it will cause thermal shock and damage to the Porcelain Enamel coating & often cause metal wrapping too. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS, POWDERS, SCRUBBERS, STEEL WOOL on your Grill Topper this will cause the Porcelain coating to loose the non-stick quality. Cleaning off any extremely stubborn BURNED ON FOODS, try a wooden spoon or soaking overnight. Sill problem, try solution [2] tablespoons baking soda to [1] quart of water, soak overnight. Putting chilled or frozen foods on a HOT Grill Topper, will cause thermal shock to the Porcelain coating.

Your comments & photos are welcome we live by our FIVE Star Reviews, if for any reason you do not feel you have received a Five Star product or service, please contact me personally, before posting to Amazon or E-bay. I will resolve any issue in 24hr or less. My e-mail is or will reach my desk.


bbq grill brush brass 12"


√ SAFE for all types of Grills: Stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain & enamel

√ TOUGH “Heavy Duty” long lasting BBQ Tool

√ 12" BRASS bristles are long lasting & will not harm or scratch porcelain grills

√ 18" STAINLESS STEEL bristles will not RUST, safe on all grill too

√ CLEANS the biggest grills in less than a minute with wide bristles

√ MADE IN USA, Best Quality or Stainless Steel brush is imported 

√ 100% Money Back One Year Guarantee, designed to last !!

√ Originally designed in USA for Weber 

ALL BBQ BRUSHES WILL NOT LAST FOREVER, you knew that right? see caution message below please

Please watch when your bush is wearing out, time for a new one, to be careful of loose bristles, use a wet damp cloth to wipe down the grill grates after cleaning to make sure no wire is on the grill, this is for ANY brush you purchase for any manufacture, we wish you and your family safe BBQ Grilling season.  

1. The best way to clean your GAS GRILL BBQ grates is to “HEAT” them up with all the burners on HIGH, get ‘em hot. Close the lid, for ten minutes.

2. Open the lid, using caution dunk the brush into a pan of water. Now back to the grill top with your wet bbq brush, scrub & repeat to remove all the baked on charred food.

3. The side of the brush will get into the hard to reach spots between grates too.

4. Cleaning a Charcoal Grill, start when the coals are HOT, before cooking, use a wet bbq brush to scrub your grill grate.

5. When finished cooking, before putting everything away, grab your BBQ Grill Brush and give your grates a quick brush, while everything left over from cooking is still warm, easy to keep ahead of the cleaning job.

6. See our YouTube Video on “How to clean your BBQ the easy way”.

7. Clean up your brush, run warm water at the sink, your brush is dishwasher safe TOP RACK only away from the dishwasher "heating element"  the plastic handle will melt, caution please. 

8. This is the ORIGINAL BBQ GRILL BRUSH, the best high quality MADE IN USA brush, unlike the box stores import brush. Our brass is lead free & made in USA too.

9. OUR import 18" BBQ Grill Brush has 3 stainless steel brush for faster clean up a longer 18" handle keeps your fingers away from the flames too. This is high quality Stainless Steel used in this brush it will not RUST.  The 16" silicone basting brush included "FREE" with each 18" BBQ Grill Brush is dishwasher safe too. 

Your comments & photos are welcome. We live by our FIVE Star Reviews, if for any reason you do not feel you have received a Five Star product or service, please contact me personally, before posting to Amazon. I will resolve any issue in 24hrs or less. My e-mail is or will reach my desk.

OUR NEW 18" GRILL BRUSH bent front for cleaning corners + free 15" basting mop brush 

bbq grill brush 18" Stainless Steel 2017 design

Our new 2017 BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush for cleaning up easy, bent up front for corners on the grill