BBQ Grill Wok & Grill Topper Care & Cleaning

bbq grill wok and grill topper

Your have just purchased your new BACKYARD DUDES™ BBQ Grill Vegetable Topper. This Grill Topper is safe for used on any grill,Charcoal BBQ, Gas, or Electric grills.

The BBQ Grill Vegetable Topper,  WOK Grill Basket is hand crafted MADE IN USA by Backyard Dudes™ we are proud to offer this heavy duty grill basket that will last for years. This is not a imported thin metal basket like the big box stores. Made of the finest durable materials for a scratch resistant porcelain enamel coating which is non-stick and your BBQ Grill Vegetable Topper & Wok Basket is 100% dishwasher safe too!

DO: Wash prior to your first use. Warm soapy water, rinse & towel dry.

Spray PAM or other spray oil on Grill Topper prior to each use for easy clean-up

√ Place food First, in your Grill Topper, THEN put it on the BBQ Grill

√ BBQ Gloves when handling a HOT Grill Topper

√ HOT PAD under Topper when placing a HOT Grill Topper on the counter or table

√ Always “cool” down completely before washing.

√ DO use a NON-Abrasive type scrubber, plastic style scrubby is OK.

DON’T’s: Do Not Wash a HOT Grill Topper it will cause thermal shock and damage to the Porcelain Enamel coating & often cause metal wrapping too. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS, POWDERS, SCRUBBERS, STEEL WOOL on your Grill Topper this will cause the Porcelain coating to loose the non-stick quality. Cleaning off any extremely stubborn BURNED ON FOODS, try a wooden spoon or soaking overnight. Sill problem, try solution [2] tablespoons baking soda to [1] quart of water, soak overnight. Putting chilled or frozen foods on a HOT Grill Topper, will cause thermal shock to the Porcelain coating.

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