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Hello this is Russell, I am a Fireman and wanted to create a special BBQ glove for all my friends that I considered the very best. I set out to make one just like my Fire Department issued FIRE GLOVES<  This is the best of the best, our BBQ DUDES Cooking FIRE GLOVES, will last for years, protect your hands too.  I had the BBQ DUDES BBQ Cooking Gloves made of the same used material in my Fired Department gloves. 

DUPONT NOMEX:   This material is Heat resistant to 350c = 660f,. Our BBQ Gloves have a Good grip silicone nubs palm to prevent slip, remember the finest material is in this glove, made 100% flame resistant Nomex fibbers by DuPont the same materials used in my Fire Department issued gloves.  I put a second liner Inside of 100% soft cotton for the best easy fitting glove. 

Washing machine clean up OK.  Toss em in on cool wash and please  hang to drip dry.  They will last for years. 

I choose a nice Grey color that looks good while your cooking too. 

KEEP EM CLEAN:  Put on a exterior Latex style glove too, if your pulling pork.    Dudes review of a cover glove over the bbq glove comes in a few different materials. Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile materials. Different thickness too, 4ml., 5ml, plus a HD 8ml.  Conclusion, latex is made with rubber, allergic reaction to rubber possible, vinyl is cheaper but not as good.  Nitrile material has good abrasive resistant longer lasting, cost a bit more but for a glove over your bbq glove for pulling pork or getting your fingers into the food while being protected from heat, this is the best combination.  

Look for a Ambidextrous Disposable Food Grade Blue or Black Nitrile Gloves.  6 to 8 mil glove.  See Our shopping cart to purchase

"Our gloves are Designed and Engineered in the USA with Pride." 

Note to understand the rating & materials of BBQ or "Real" Fire Gloves.   These will help keep the hot pot handles, keep you safe burning your hands with normal BBQ cooking, on a gas or charcoal grill.  They are great for in the kitchen pulling out hot baking pans too. 

Caution is on getting them "wet", water creates steam, water conducts heat too.   Having the gloves get wet will lessen their ability to keep your hands safe.  Answer is do not get them wet.  Carry a hot steamy pot should be OK, getting them wet under the faucet then use for bbq cooking is not a good idea. 

Rating system:  You will see others claim some erroneous numbers.  I am a fireman, my department issued gloves have many safety regulations seals, plus several additional layers of protection our bbq gloves do not have, these are "not" fire department structural firefighter gloves with all the government approval stamps.   

Back to the numbers, our gloves will take 600 plus f degrees of heat, with the silicone grip dots installed.  DuPont tested the Nomex material to with stand 932 f, that is the material.   Do not be fooled, our gloves have Silicone Grip dots, which melt at 600+f , is why our gloves say 662f on them correctly and not the  DuPont rated degree by the manufacture of the material 932f. as others have done erroneously. 

Then comes a EN407 Certified?? You may see on other BBQ gloves.  This is a European certification of the material used to make the glove, has nothing to do with any test of the actual glove, sort of a advertising ploy to make you think their glove has a special certificate. 

Next is saying their gloves are made of Nomex and Kevlar fibres.   This is a false statement copied word per word from the manufacture without really checking exactly what the gloves they purchased are made of, many factories do make both a nomex and a kevlar gloves for other uses.   The fibres of KELVAR, which are made by DuPont also, can not be died, impossible.   They show a black or grey glove then claim to be made of Kevlar, is false.   Nomex material can be died to a variety of colors, hence our BBQ DUDES Cooking Fire Gloves are died for us in a nice color shade of grey.   

Our gloves are the best quality made of Heat Resistant Aramid Fibers - Nomex. Better Heat Protection Than Kevlar


BBQ DUDES FIRE GLOVES for your Bar-B-Q Cooking 

High Heat 660f BBQ DUDES Gloves Made of DuPont Nomex same material as Firefighters Gloves