Heirloom Garden Seeds coming Spring 2017

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Heirloom Garden Seeds coming Spring 2017

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WW II Victory Garden Heirloom Seeds.  Our collection of Heirloom seeds are best seeds on the planet.  We have carefully selected the varieties of vegetable seeds that a home garden would like to "eat" when grown.  Tomatoes, peas, lettuce, corn, cabbage, radish, squash, melons and more of Heirloom seeds guaranteed to grow.

To many variety packs have odd vegetable  items our competitor offers you 100 packs or more of survival seeds, but a lot of them you will not used or plant.  We have selected the most popular WW II Victory Garden Heirloom varieties that everyone wants in their home garden. 

BONUS: Herb garden seeds

BONUS: Spring cutting lowers are always necessary in any garden to warm the soul, flowers alway bring a smile when fresh flowers are on the table. We have a special mix of spring flower seeds for planting in your Victory Garden, our free gift to you, now go out and plant, cut, enjoy !! 

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1. Heirloom seed variety packs come in a smaller version same quality seeds for smaller home gardens.

2. Herb seed variety pack for small ten inch clay pot herb garden

3. Spring cutting flowers collection to plant for fresh flowers all spring and summer