Campfire S'mores Roasting Stick Stainless Steel 3 feet extra long, Amazon launch coming soon !

Homemade Gooey S'mores with Chocolate

COMING SOON !!   Amazon pre-launch is in the process.  Our shop is making the BEST Campfire S'mores Marshmallow Roasting Stick™ on the planet.  YES, the BACKYARD DUDES™ does it again, check these features. 

1.  KID SAFE 3 feet long a full 36" inches keeping kids away from the FIRE, one of the longest Campfire Stick or Fork on the market today.

2. Custom made in our shop, TOP GRADE PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL, that will not rust.  China & Asia use a lower grade of stainless steel that will rust.  Real Stainless is NOT magnetic easy to test yourself, open your refrigerator door the inside door seal usually has magnets, if it sticks it is NOT real. 

3. Natural HARDWOOD handle, from local family owned Tree Plantations grown close to the rainforest makes perfect hardwoods for our handles.  ECO friendly sustainable tree farms our wood is not from the old growth rainforest. 

4. TWO different skewer end style choices.   FORK end, welded in our shop to the end of a stainless steel rod OR  your second choice is a POINT end, one long stainless steel rod, both with a natural wood handle.  

5. WOODS: Our classic Rustic Wood is a tree branch in all the natural look just like if you found it at your campsite yourself.  We polish, paint it for better longer life.  Our second handle style is our hardwood cut into hand size handles, both we use a selection of Teak, Acacia, White Oak for our wood choices.