CAMPFIRE MARSHMALLOW SKEWERS for your next Camping trip  or Outdoor Picnic adventure, making S'mores

Backyard Dudes ® Campfire Skewers are HANDMADE , yes everyone has heard this term before, our Campfire Skewers are really "Hand Made" in our own shop. 

Let me tell you about why our Campfire Marshmallow are superior to any imported Marshmallow skewer you will find on the market. 

1. LONGER: A full 36+ inches long, to keep your fingers and our little campers away from the campfire flames.  Check the other, 24-30" maybe, is way to close for my small grandkids.  The reason I made these longer, for a reason. 

2. WOOD HANDLE:  I designed this wood handle for a 5 year old to be able to get his or her fingers all the way around, a good grip.   Tested with my friends kids, to find the right size, is how we decided on this design.   The WOOD is not by accident just any wood, it is real Rain Forest TEAK grown in South America and from our own wood shop, we harvest the trees from plantation grown family owned sustainable tree farms, truck to our saw mill, once cut the wood is into our kiln to dry, then our shop for processing.  

Read more on our Naturally Teak ® web site.

3. REAL TEAK, will last an outdoor lifetime.  Natural finish no harmful varnish or toxic paint, like unknown from imported skewers are never tested for "safe for children use" our finish is simple a light coat of pure FDA approved food safe mineral oil, nothing else.  You can get more Food Grade safe mineral oil on Amazon or Walmart has generic that works just fine.  A light coat between use is nice, keep the Teak handles looking their fresh new look. Yea, we all know kids will put everything in their mouth, at least you know this wood is safe, no harm.  

 4. 304 STAINLESS STEEL:  Our rod choice is not just any stainless, but a European higher quality class we purchased the rods we made our skewers with 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel. This higher quality will prevent these rods from rusting.  Read more below what the metal industries said, more than you may wished to know but important to understand, our goal of making a truly great Campfire Marshmallow Skewer that will last your family for years.  

304 grade stainless steel is also comprised of no more than 0.8% carbon and at least 50% iron. The chromium binds oxygen to the surface of the product to protect the iron from oxidation (rust). Nickel also enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel

Now if you ever notice a small rust spot, this is normal, for ANY stainless steel, just use a scrubie soap & water to remove spot, then cut a lemon or lime wedge and coat the rod, that easy. 

5. WELDING SHOP:  These are welded in our own shop using modern TIG welding equipment is the requirement for welding a perfect long lasting bond of these two parts to form a fork skewer on the end.  Our point end Campfire Marshmallow skewer is not welded anywhere. 

6. LEATHER:  This may seem like a simple item to add, but not for my family and friends better quality matters, no imported cheaper leather or imitation leather will do.  The lanyard on our skewer handle is special, you saw this coming right, what else you ask?  

This leather is premium first quality soft natural leather tanned in a tannery owned and operated by the same family for over 70+ years, here in Colombia South America.  They export most all of their premium leather hides.  This leather is not scraps, but full hides, we custom cut into a bit longer strips for our lanyard material.  Full 5mm wide, thicker to make sure they will last for years. The leather worker had to ask twice, we wanted these premium hides cut up?  Yes, I reply, "Si Senior" he just shook his head, proceeded to measured and cut on a machine to our exact width.

7. HAND MADE:  This means these are "NOT PERFECT" please do not expect them to be, they are for Camping, Picnic, outdoor fun around a campfire, rustic skewers.  Our crew is not trained in making them perfect, what you get if a bit of love in each one, perfect machine item, no, hand made yes.  

Enjoy these with your family, roasting marshmallows making S'mores, cooking a hot dog or two, even be creative with a roasted vegetable on our Fork skewer, I am sure you will find them in your camping gear, year after year of great outdoor family time fun.  

Our family to yours, from the Backyard Dudes team, may i say, now pass me another marshmallow please,,,  

Rusty   [my real name]  you can reach me directly 

I am looking at making a Cordova material zip bag for these, your suggestions are welcome if this feature would be helpful. 

WARNING:   These are NOT TOYS , the kids I know, may think they are pirates wish to play, please please, use good judgement, parent assisted supervisor is not only necessary, but required !!