Wire Products for manufacture in USA

The following item are made in CHINA.  


scott:   THese are THE ITEM WE WISH TO MAKE

1. BBQ RIB RACK This is for holding a rack of pork ribs upright in a smoker or bbq grill top.  The rack shown in 6mm wire, in color coated in black it actually looks bigger than the chrome plated wire, I had to measure twice to make sure, this is 6mm. 

This rack is now made in China.  They may have smaller pigs in China as the designer of the rack, the spacing between the wires is about 1 7/8 inch wide.  We need to expand on this opening to 2 1/4 inch for USA Hogs.  One major complaint we see on reviews of this current wire rib rack is will not fit a rack of ribs.  The competitors can keep ordering the smaller rack, I do not wish to teach them our improved version of this rack. 

The rack set is to hold 4 Baby Back Rib slabs, even at 2.25 inch, a St. Louis Style of Ribs  may fit, but tight.  

The hog in the USA is cut into two different styles of RIBS:  Baby Back, the upper part of the rib cage, St. Louis is the lower part of the rib cage of a hog.  FYI

Adding additional space is needed in the distance between the ovals of wire, see photos, this should not increase the overall "width" of this rack that much, about one inch +/-. 

This is painted in a high heat paint as it looks to me.  Your advise for a non-stick coating would be helpful.   See our note#3 below.

The wire racks that hold the ribs are at a slight slant, see photos, hard to measure this exact slant, perhaps a physical sample of the rack from this Alibaba manufacture you can understand our improvements. 

The set of images below show examples of what other China manufactures had done for making this rib rack.

Please get a base price first:  Their normal rack as shown on Alibaba.   


1.  We need to expand on this opening to 2 1/4 inch BETWEEN the wire openings, see photos

2.  Made with 8mm wire price vs 6mm wire  cost difference ? 

3. Made with stainless steel wire, possible polished wire vs painted cost difference ?

4.  Package:   Simple:  Poly Bag, printed color card attached to rack with wire-ties, see photo.  We supply all printed material & poly bag

Thank you again, Scott, let us know what else you may need.  I can re-measure for you in mm if necessary.  

One photo below is a different design, with handles, perhaps you may help us make a special product, with your design ideas too/ 


Thank you   Russell Freeman & Lou Bozmarov  RFC Group inc  "Backyard Dudes ®"